Limited Print Edition for the Refugees

Xmas 2015

With the civil war in Syria growing worse day by day, the number of refugees trying to reach safety is constantly on the increase. Some 2,000 refugees arrive on Greece’s shores each day as the Syrians pass through Turkey towards mainland Europe. This crisis has intensified over the past months, especially on the Greek islands of Kos, Lesbos and Chios where approximately 50,000 people arrived in July alone. With the chill of winter fast approaching, these islands do not possess the robust infrastructure nor material resources to cope with such an influx. Combined with inadequate accommodation and sanitation, this humanitarian crisis has surpassed Greece’s capabilities.


Reacting to these circumstances WeegeeWeegee and Francesco Romano Petillo have produced a limited edition print to raise funds to help those affected by the civil war. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Kos Solidarity Group who collaborate with Nisyros Supports Refugees Community Organisation in aid of the Syrian refugees arriving in Kos.


Cost: £65.00 or €92.00

Edition: 250 prints, signed and numbered

Original collage available: £700 / €990

All prices include shipping.


Prints can be bought via weegeeweegeeuk@gmail.com