'The Oracle' is a collaborative project between WeegeeWeegee and Norwegian photographer and artist Marianne Wie. The project was shot at various locations on the otherworldly island Nisyros - the volcanic crater, thermal baths, Byzantine ruins. It is inspired by nature, the oracles of ancient Greece, Norse mythology and synthesises photography, collage and drawing. This fusion of media becomes a metaphor for the Oracle’s visually intangible prophecies. The usage of pens and their dotted traces reflects not only the pixilation of the digitised world and the grains of analogue photography of the past, but also a graphic metamorphosis of what the future could impart.


The Oracles, devoted to mother earth, speaking in tongues, are depicted as powerful eerie women in the act of worship becoming one with nature and surroundings. Motifs such as shells, snakes, flowers and fantastical creatures merge with the Oracle, feeding from each other, conveying new meanings and returning to the romantic symbolism of an all- pervading nature. Referencing Ernst Haeckel’s ‘Natural Forms’ and Hilma af Klint’s abstract and spiritualist return to concepts of nature of the early 20th Century, as well as Francesca Woodman’s transitory photography, these richly iconic images reflect a search for a universal language with roots that are more relevant than the foundations of conventional worship.

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